NH State Hospital


  1. I was brought Here after federal and state agents did a home invasion based on what was suspected to be a form of domestic terrorism they had no warrant judges signature or evidence and for Rob as they had been certain. Prior to New Hampshire State Hospital my psychiatrist collaborated with the state police and pulled me off of the medication I was put on for treatment resistant depression. The amount I was pulled off of was an unheard of amount to come off of cold turkey and they told the nurses I had never been on the medication. 
  • At Exeter, as my state deteriorated and the agents actively denied I had been on the medication they were well aware was going to start to cause severe problem and issue that would otherwise look psychosomatic and potentially psychotic in absence of a medical reason. My fiancé later had to get WALGREENS to repeatedly fax New Hampshire state hospital the fact that I have been on this medication for over three years for them on day three to tentatively put 1/4 of the doors that I was on in front of  me.

Despite the proof that the agents had lied To them the staff at NH state were still split down the middle in that they had now too been complicit in what they were coming to realize where severe human rights violations The agents only had thirteen days before my release (with a reason of admission being severe subutex withdrawal and my discharge as ABSOLUTE. My mother was ordered to therapy as she had loed to the police and said I was suicidal so that they could get a prayer request in absence of any warrant. Everyone I was supposed to trust complied with an investigation Which would ruin my life). They had the time to realize there wasn’t a shred of evidence within my residence. That they had perhaps been Wrong.
They hadn’t even bothered to hide that they had been there, my boring upon minutes return from NH state, ceiling tiles askew, wires pulled from the walls, What I would soon learn is that federal and state authorities do not take accountability for severe human rights violations and instead they make family suspected in to that person and try everything to incriminate the fame and if those don’t work take out that person in other words anyone who works for the state or has a clue or as an officer , knows well, the feds will pay state employees big bucks to white wash liabilities like me …and they tried …for years … often successfully defaming me incriminating me falsely incarcerating me and doing a hit in 2015 on meat which caused severe concussion subsequent shock in such stress on my system that I now have a liver lesion and epilepsy which requires brain surgery and that it is causing more erosion damage . This is not a victim statement. It is the truth. It is my truth. Now after a decade of fighting in my record finally an old am I thinking I would have a life I am now facing very possible liver cancer as well as definitive need for brain surgery. It is very depressing. 

As I noted,  was released with an admission train being sever subutex withdrawal and a two month prescriptions along with the unwavering advice to move forward and not look back, to not ask questions, no matter how confusing it was and how it happened. Given the traumatic nature of it and my fear that something else might happen to me…

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