As two judges, one federal, one state, determine my fate, all I can say is I reacted, I yelled, I made it loud. But not once did I tell a lie or commit one crime. My integrity remains in tact in that even in hindsight I am aware that I couldn’t have done one thing differently than what I did to survive an impossible situation, one my attorney admitted about 95% of victims to such conduct were not as lucky to have survived.

When I asked her what lucky meant she said that i wasn’t one of the 95% of victims to state and federal misconduct that end up in federal prison not in effect of any actual crimes on their part but the fact their rights, etc had been repeatededly ciolated and as opposed to the officials liable coming forward, they falsely accuse then charge then incarcerate the individual they are well aware are innocent.

Except in my case it wasn’t just one instance. It was the first, then a second then a cumulatiok of them spanning five counties and local police departments, who as we know, have each other’s back and conspired, likely in effectif false information. Unfortunately the law does state that compliance with federal or other crimes, even when seemingly unaware of the nature. Still makes them complicit. So now, at the end of seven years, two judges will determine whether I am granted disability and record annulment from charges obviously on the in effect of repeated malicious prosecution. I was a 39year old Masters and woman who was well regarded and respected and a small community. She had no record prior to being taken from her apartment by seven officers, arms cuffed,legs cuffed, arms cuffed to legs. What ever they believe I had done apparently it was very serious that I could not begin to know the extent of it

To me it’s reminiscent of the premeditated murder on behalf of millions of prosecutors beginning at the start of he century, who deliberately withheld evidence they were well aware would exonerate an innocent. Thereby they are guilty of premeditated murder should that death be carried out and each one was. It is by definition what I say it is.

I was being formally accused with a form of domestic terrorism in effect of what exactly I am still not certain though it could have traced back to a bunk profile in which I was being less than responsible but anything but criminal

Of course this story will not end with my death, though by fact ur was attempted (keep reading guys!), would not end in my being falsely incarcerated, though I was, for eleven days before the US department of justice for me out. Just in the nick of time. An unwarranted transfer o federal prison is what was next in line…

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