Annulment and SSI

Levine said they made a decision and it’s in the last part of the writing up process but they have no idea what the decision is. That didn’t make sense. They said as of 11:15 it went into the writing phase of the process…

I said I couldn’t imagine it would take two extra months with the evidence he requested provided to give a no. She said she just couldn’t be sure. She didn’t say much. It was strange.

Come December I qualify for cash assistance from the state if they haven’t made a decision according to DHHS. It’s been that many years. I’ve recieved no benefits sInce the 2011 disability that took away my ability to fictio, work or have the life I thought or has planned on. But one that was meant. I’m not in control. I need to remember that.

It’s just scary to think it’ll be a no and then my record won’t be annulled of charges which be basic law (no annulment needed) should already be off of there. They are charges. Not convictions and yet Susan says the prosecutor is in a tight squeeze

In other words there are many people in the system who don’t want my name cleared so that i won’t be credible should I file complaints. Which given the state covered up an attempt on my life they were obviously complicit in (or they wouldn’t have covered it up, falsified the report, taken no personal or witness statements, no blood or urine at the ER; this was the 2015 (hit at 95mph according to an officers statement to a witness. I have four. And motive. And the fact the took no legal action despite my allegedly being responsible for nearly three deaths? Photos of the vehicle and the fact that an expert will easily testify that damage wasn’t done with an unsafe lane change of 67 to his 65), not the 2011 accident in which I was disabled and the state was directly responsible. OFFICER GOARD TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST. I Apologize Chip. It’s GOARD whose name is on the bottom of all those reports and warrants from 2011, signed by a justice of the peace, namely, DONNELY. And all three times promptly rejected by the Newmarket PD who were well aware what he was up to. Despte high speed chase at 80mph, eight cops involved, hitting two of them, all for sale of fleeing a solicited officer; that is why I receive NO CHARGES; I was right to flee and had I not he would have planted a schedule substance which given their suspicion would have allowed them to arrest and dharhebmw with intent to distribute research chemicals in complete lack of any evidence or intent) I would still have one against the aforementioned and every and all complicit

I mean the Justice System is supposed to be JustThe United States Department of JusticecNH1 News NetworkrkNH Department of CorrectionsGary DeckDepartment of Homeland Securityhuman rights-Equal rights and justice for all👊👊☝️☝️☝️❤💖💖Hanover High SchoolPhotography BeginnersArt & Illusion PhotographyBuzzFeed NewsNBC Newsws

End All Be All

If those responsible don’t take away all my options and free will that is exactly wha I will not feel the need to do . If what is Just is done, I’ll be ABLE TO MOVE ON


BUT they need to ALLOW ME TO

GOD F***^ dammit!

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