Today there’s nothing to them

Well as much as they make of themselves . The composition that God made. It’s what we do with it that makes us a person

Who we are

A cumulation of choices

Or fate handing us the hand we have been played

Even before we were made

Perhaps a road map had

Already plotted our destiny

Exacted every encounter, emotional, relation, :..: every memory

Already preconceived

Every decision we make.

Or it is ransom. All Based on impulse and instinct. Those things one just can’t fake. Are we all just animals attempting to act civilized? It’s when we strip ourselves down to be equal with one another that we no longer know how idenduty

The hornet is that it’s well known small tribes nearly now non existent in Africa are the most content spontaneous creatures. No one is superior. They all have a place and a job, the family is the, always, extended and elseiwae. It is their tribe and within them there are no vices

No sloth



The very things which seem to fuel our ever increasing hedonistic society.

Add place of origin, family, genetics, etc and we have ourselves an individual

Or a part of one

Of you

Of me

The less you care if they look the more curious they become

But in no way is one different than his fellows. At least not in the way that matters. Matters on an astral plane where energies unseen rather than temperaments brim. It’s a place without words or expectation, a place where life flows as it is supposed to.

#theory #people #energy

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