It’s so obvious we miss it entirely

Trump is a atoned


He is our president

He is the example

He is mind and police

Soft spoken

Plays off childlike innocence

People who don’t read people

Buy the act

Those behind the scenes


To distract its citizens

Dull minded sheep we have become

Such gluttonous hedonism

It has nothing to do with politics.most especially when politics is done to begin with. Politics just the word invented to describe the yadda yadda in such circles.

To confuse, amuse the public; keep us engaged but forever in loops

History does repeated itself mainly because we aren’t

Adept at becoming


So this man

An example to

Us citizens

To our children

To everyone

He is the shining star or just a puppet who has gone a little too far, his charismatic charade perfectly honed; the art of subtly raised bar none. Making it appear as though public attention is the last thing he wants. So we look: and the ignorant learn that we don’t need much between the ears to even be president

What a good deal

this completely indifferent flaccidity has replaced any ardent desire for a better country.

But those who know better well know we do and are setting the American Public up to crave a dictatorship in the wake of this senseless shitstorm

the government is the puppet show for a very intricate narrative of several sordid types of people. Namely those who voraciously follow politics, the dumbs and nothing’s, the cyclic thinking and nonsense.

By whom? Another post!

But in short? By those unseen who are led by compulsions.

Then again if you’re like me you won’t sell your integrity for a billion

But 89% of people would fulfill most peoples perversions for far less than even a thousand is they are in the whole and yo

All a distraction. All is connected. From what? To whom

Can’t you feel the wind expanding

Arms wrap wide so soft their arms

To hold me

Nature has always contained me

Days so long ago begin preparing

For a venture I had no plans whatsoever ok taking.

L I firmly do believe everything happens for reason But

WouldnI I rather be married right now with two kids working full-time as a MLA D.C as oppose to joins list…?

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