Thoughts on The God Function

Ever heard of the God Function?.

it assumes there is no God but that God works through the weave of our humanity

It works alongside the principle of quantum mechanics. That we will attract like. Science does not change. Energy is what it is, it will be as it will be

…those whom aren’t meant for certain fates will resonate so strongly another manifestation, that one will be the One to become, those around that person without realization enacting on behalf of forces outside their own control, such as a subconscious need to ease of conscience.

We like to hold the illusion that we are in control but we have none.

But there is the 2% of the population that has and all continue to ruin it for all of us, using the means of their issue to governance and finance to usurp ‘divine’ intervention. Then again what is meant to be is meant to be. Whether in our PERSPECTIVE IT IS A JOY OR A MISERY, It is all a matter of perspective. Those who have truly lived hell are simply grateful. To have endured what allowed them to have far more faith than perhaps they would have elsewise.

So long as our intention is good, our heart pure, it will be ok.

And though small percentage wise given our ever growing population together with the rise of such Illuminati sadistic pathology, God or no God they yield no power against KNOWLEDGEABLE Masses

But will hold every power over an IGNORANT ONE one hungry for leadership once Trump is done

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