The Bitch on Another Close Call

I just watched a documentary in which a man who if found incompetent and subsequently charged with a felony, would be involuntarily committed

As fact, in the midst of all else, was the public defender who was attempting to make me out as incompetent in order to ensure just that.

And it didn’t happen. I saw through his plan, the changes in the report, his manipulations and dismissed him repeatedly at the hearing for another false charge. And I mean that. I Can and Will Not day I have done things I have not.

I will take accountability for the kicking and screaming in my 20s. That was not ok. But what I went through as of recent, changed my entire outlook.

People see it and judge it for what they will. The fact of the matter is what I escaped the majority don’t. Or at least that is what my attorney leaked; short and sweet: and she refused to repeat.

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