Rambling thoughts 101

What is the point of communication unless we have a point and get to it. Small talk, where do you live, where are you from, what time is it, all that shit? We don’t care. But we ask because if we don’t, and instead do what is logical, reasonable, we are seen as abnormal, Which makes sense in that it is somewhat abnormal to not wish to engage in the ritual we subconsciously find need to, in order to assess the other person, before we get more personal? It is said we judge another within the first thirty seconds of meeting them and that initial impression is very difficult to erase so important to maintain. Which essentially means, be as ‘perfect’ as possible at all times, given we have no idea who we are going to meet at any given time that Will give them a Negative impression unless we do ‘right; then we aren’t sure what that is, who to be, what is original, the surface, who we are, who you are and that that is separate from me, yet we are in fact all connected, all things created at the subatomic level of vibrating energy. We each carry a different frequency perhaps drawing certain things to you and other things to me. It is said that we manifest not what we necessarily consciously think, but hold in deep subconscious beliefs, those hidden at the bottom of the lake, above which is all conscious thought we are completely aware of. There is so much we are not, we too often dismissing what we can not see, as though what we hold in belief and thought is all there is to the world and life. I suppose in some sense that is good as it negates the reality of all the evil, yet it also negates the realm of possibility which will remain closed so long as you do not have they key, which you only will receive what you desire and need , often in a form least expected, when you no longer search, and instead hold hope that it will all be the way it is supposed to be.

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