Oh boo

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons in life should genuinely be, what is chased, runs away. Unless there is a subjectivity at play which manipulates what would have led to a likely very different behavior if not deeply swayed by other needs. Perhaps those with ptsd have issues with intimacy as well in that their instinctual needs to run from whatever ‘chases them’ (such as an ardent seducer) have overcome their logical needs such as that of partnership and intimacy. And the degree to which future relations will be corroded , is dependent on when the initial and subsequent trauma occurred. We need also perhaps look only to the animal kingdom for ideas of how we ourselves would be should our instinctual needs overcome our rationale ones. SO really ? The treatment of PTSD is very important and MDMA can increase the efficacy of any treatment twenty fold. As i said EIGHT YEARS AGO

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