Word of Mouth

Oh Jesus Christ Almighty she (Prisoner state put in my cell to antagonize) tried nearly everything the last night of that eleven day false incarceration. Except at the time I had no idea when I would be released or if I would be. In fact I didnt even know why I was there.

First thing she said

‘What are you? A boy or a girl?’

Girls aren’t ‘housed’ with men

Girl I said without affect

‘I can’t stand when people don’t brush their teeth, it’s disgusting’ I brushed mine twice a day

‘You stink!’ I had just showered. No more than anyone with trauma sweat

‘I can’t stand people who don’t wash their hands before peeling an egg. It’s beyond disgusting’ i hadn’t even peeled my egg. The smell made me sick. 

Finally, pacing, numb to the assault, as though I really wasn’t where I shouldn’t have been I said without thought or feeling 

‘You know what I can’t stand? People who don’t shut up. Because then I have to shut them up myself’

I looked at her squarely. There was finally a glint of respect. I wonder if she still would have respected me if she had known I hadn’t touched anybody in my life. How fuck Up is it, what we respect. And what we don’t. I will always defend myself. But so far, it’s just been ‘by word of mouth’

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