Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Well I was just DXEd with temporal lobe epilepsy. I also have moderated atrophy (what is suspected) due to the lack of initial emergency treatment. The treatment I desperately tried to get. The treatment repeatedly denied to me based on the fact I wasn’t believed and labeled instead.

initial emergency treatment…

Which would have been on Rockingham County Jail, who demanded to take me in on a $1000 bail only for me to be pardoned of every charge given the officer I had Need to flee was in fact proven to have otherwise grabbed me from the vehicle and plant a scheduled substance on my person. Why? Because if the state could convict me of a felony drug charge within two years of the initial DEA investigation on my person for the suspected (i understand Why they suspected but as they realized.. completely innocent) vending of research chemicals (), those involved in the eleven day interrogation then hold of my person ? Would be alleviated of the numerous rights violations committed and I would be conviction of that charge plus Intent to distribute RCs.

…given they came up empty on what they suspected.. ‘making’ me into who they had suspected , made then appear ‘victorious’ . It’s just what happens when they fuck up

I am told

Was that the long or the short explanation

I guess that is ultimately up for you to decide

And attorney recently told me that even though I have a case against the state for major damages given the two year discovery rule (ER MRI was performed this past summer), it would be an uphill battle. Why? She said because I would have to show either I had no choice but to flee or the Rockingham jail was responsible for not treating me. The latter would be easy however . She asked me if I asked for help and I told her I was against the cell door crying quietly and saying with full fear, humility and desperation

Please somebody help me

Something is horribly wrong

Something feels really wrong with my head

What was their response?

I was made fun of instead

Oh she thinks it’s everyone else’s fault but her own. I wonder what she looked oks like under those rags: maybe the super will allow us to transport

I think I am dying …

Yeah she just needs to wait… what the fuck is her problem

Shut the fuck up

I’m sorry. I Jesus Christ please help me

Whimpered softly

I have never prayed out loud to God Before

I am ashamed to admit

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