Q&A continued…

Why were you incarcerated that night as oppose to brought to the ER if you in fact crashed at the speed you say rather than what’s stated on the report?

BECAUSE the officer who had been solicited lies on the report and out that I was going at a speed 2mph LESS THAN THE LEGAL LIMIT to admit me to the ER

Can you prove that?

The extensive damage to my car as well as the other officers present will likely substantiate this along with the logic that if I was terrified and fleeing this officer as I suspected he was going to do what he later proven was… WHY WOULD I ONLY BE GOING 18mph?

Did you being incarcerated that night as oppose to receiving that Tx cause any permanent damage

Well I’m ALREADY on disability for PTSD and TBI though that all was Jusy the beginning also it took THIS LONG but a recent trip to the ER for a fall FINALLY resulted in a proper refrrral for an ERMRI

Do you have a professional who can back up your injuries?

Yes , a neurologist from Dartmouth Hitchcock Manchester branch has just confirmed through several scans that I have temporal lobe epilepsy and severe atrophy as a direct RESULT OF NOT RECEIVING ER TX THAT NIGHT

also the absense or help that night made it so I could not be believed or get help ANYWHERE ELSE


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