Quick Q&A

A quick Q&A

So Julie When was this first accident?


How did it happen?

I crashed into a ditch at 45MPH

Why did you crash?

Because I was fleeing an officer and lost control of the car

Why did you flee the officer?

Because I suspected he was going to plant something on me from his directions and my knowledge of police law by means of the police academy I myself attended after graduate school (All this can be evidenced)

Why would he do something like this?

Because he had been solicited by the state

And Julie Why would the state solicit him?

Because if I was convicted of a felony Drug charge within five years of an offense the state had three weeks prior suspected me of then the state would’ve been relieved of the human rights violations which occurred during the unwarranted interrogation and holding of my person by means of involuntary commitment

And what were you suspected of?

Distribution of research chemicals

And Why did they suspect this?

Because I had created a profile on line feigning to Be a supplier to ensure the samples I got for my own Personal ‘sessions’ were pure and not toxic (equally I’ll say I didn’t have one bad experience and believe I was meant to have them prior to living that hell and it throughout the years to come

They were legal to purchase and consume and it wasn’t illegal to Pretend to be anybody!

So they Were) wrong and had committed many offense in attempts to show they were right

(Including tearing up my apartment in my absence)


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