Q&A continued

Some clarification on the last post

You say this officer had been solicited? How did you know or find out and what are the details of that:

At the time I fled him, it was on instinct. I’d gone through the police academy six years prior but more importantly is the fact that three weeks prior to being pulled over in such an aggressive manner, been pulled from my apartment for the unwarranted DEA investigation on my person..

It was only thereafter I learned my instincts had been right and had I instead do me as he ordered I would have in fact been charged with a felony drug charge in effect of him planting a substance on me

How did you know he was going to do this?

Again, instinct, what I’d learned, his timing as well as his out of the ordinary directions, it being 11:30 with no one else in sight, my terror given the events three weeks prior and his aggressive tone and demeanor. I have no regrets despite the fact his conduct and my reaction caused my life changing accident. DESPITE THE CRASH, he was still adamant he admit me (and lied to his superior about a substance on me though he was caught mid stream by another who was there as well). THIS IS WHY he lied on the report as well as tried to have me transferred and set a $1000 bail.. END

You have mentioned these false charges and a also false incarceration… care to explain..? Sure

I’ll start with the false incarceration. It was an eleven day hold after which a judge officially ruled it a false incarceration and ‘credited’ me eleven days in the event I should ever end up back there .

Well did you?


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