Any More questions?

Well Why would they do that? Tack on false charges

To continue to cover their malefescence but also in another attempt at false incarceration and transfer to federal, under the radar

The second time I was falsely incarcerated had the nurses on staff not intervened in on a note I had passed to the neighboring cell and then, concerned (they knew it was truth as they knew I had not intended for them to read it and it stated all my concerns) shouldn’t be there) notified the department of Justice (whom over a year later I received a letter from which stated none of my human rights were violated in this instance), I was told I Would have been transferred onto federal prison, my not having received any initial hearing or having any access to an attorney . I kept asking why I was there. What I had done. Because the truth was? I’d done nothing. As I have said many times I will take accountability for that shit I have done in my 20s but I cannot take accountability for conduct I did not engage in unless of course you can explain why you murdered someone

if you can’t that

That is why I can’t explain false charges



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