The way you grabbed me, held me there, choked me till I couldn’t breathe. All without touching me. Lifted me so high so I could no longer touch the floor, ensuring I come crashing down, having abandoned my legs, long ago. How to use them, I don’t remember. I do not know. Suddenly in the ring with a stranger who had once been familiar. My only friend now a sudden danger, someone I had believed would never turn on me became my enemy. Tells me she is th same as always making me feel crazy.

. My only choice was self abnegation at this time I withheld such ideation. To give you up would render me all alone, to keep you meant my own demise. But only so long could I believe in such disguise.

It’s like learning to walk again. After you. The way you dragged me over and through. That unfamiliar night. Always back to you. That space I hadn’t known which over time, without my permission or conscious knowledge, became your new throne. But that then I didn’t know. ItI don’t remember. I do not say you are My hero. But no words come out. I am silent now. You don’t like my words. They seem to somehow make you unnerved. Everyone else now in the shadows.. how did I get here. How did that happen, I don’t remember. I do not know. I only know the you who caught me , then brought me here. The travel I cant recall. Took me To the place I now inhabit. As familiar as a shoe Yet all brand new. Where do i know you from? Are you Whom I met, or someone I now i need know, my own self a foreigner. There no longer was a Me. It all like a dream. Some other life, life behind. All others distant now. This dance. Just Me.

And you


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