It is only in the silence

That you will find me

rather than see the duplicity

You will see unity

The I in you

The You in me

Without the need to shatter


That was or may be

It is only surrender

That you will fully remember

Those parts and pieces

Of you

Those once left in shadows

From the time you learned your first word

To how you came to be

Those parts come to form


A human being

One as intricate as those you ‘study’

Like curious pathological microcosms

Perfect canvases for projection

You are convinced Of a desired to withhold

What it was I truly wanted

to be shared

And to be told

But did not

For fear you would reject

That you would scold

That you would unfold further into

A stranger I hadn’t agreed

To behold

Used yourT skills to slowly unravel


crowd out the person I am

I was

disregarding all boundaries

Those you had known i never set

That i couldnt speak out

It is in only int the last of the light

I sense the

encroaching darkness of your shadow

Something as near imperceptible

As i am certain

It is as Real

As it is

Itt is only in solace

In isolation that you will be forced to

Own the parts of you

You have only said are those of others

You forget as easy as you spoke it

Or at least attempt to confuse or somehow

Immobilize the ego

Never driving full circle back to you own self

Always someone else there

In person or thought

So many to choose from

Too easy it easy than to look inward at you

But also what a curse

As to reconcile your actual condition

Not the one whom you had built

Means to completely start?

From Whom you are

It is only within this structure

You have constructed around yourself

Which ensures an illusion of a certain


a grandiose Propensity

It is only in the complete desperation

Of a soul lost

Where one can find an aching darkness

Which if left untended

Can before

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