Fuck That

We are not what we do or we do not do

We are what we INTEND though too often judge ourselves and others by the outcome

The resulting action

Because thats what we see and end up judging

unless we Think first, realize we Only judge and see in others what we judge and see (or more often, Dont) in ourselves, we will only continue to assign an intention that is nothing like the actual one .

Why are we so unhappy? Because we dont communicate with each other even when we believe we do

We do not truly Hear the other person but more importantly we have ceased to tell another what is truly going on. Often due to not even realizing what is, so disconnected from our actual selves we have become.

To the extent that when we are not fully consumed with an activity, thought or person, terror and loneliness set in.

We know we have truly grown as a human being when we can just BE with out selves, without in anyway beings occupied with our own ‘stories’, an activity, judgements, seek or other or with another person.

How we feel alone with only ourselves, not the one we have constructed, determines how well we are doing.

Because at the end of the day, the only judge of You, is you.

When you arent easy with that?. There will and can be no inner peace at all

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