The Duel

The Duel is about two men, one of strong moral fiber, while the other failing to hold regard even for the human soul.

Woody Harrelson plays the role as the villain pitch perfect, transitioning from charismatic gentleman to a man of auch animalistic fury we are left to wonder if the devil does exist within human form.  

The protagonist, cast as a Texas Ranger, is also just as strong, he capturing a mans innate need for justice to a superior degree.

His character is called to order by the mayor of a small town in the late 1800s when the Texas Rangers were founded to enforce peace between the Americans and Native Americans as Mexican immigrants attempt to cross the border. The mayors nephew has been found in a drainage area down the river from a village in which the protagonists father’s killer allegedly lives. He had killed him in an age old ritual entitled The Duel over thirty years before., The last day the protagonist saw both his father and the villain himself.

Within days of the ranger and his wife’s arrival, he is appointed sheriff out of an apparent immediate need and forms a tentative friendship with the townspeople. He also feels welcome by whom they have come to regard as their savior and guru before the tentative bond embroils into a battle, where morality becomes the central force of conflict.

This place which bears no religion save the one born to this man who is as conniving as he is charismatic. Those who are unfortunate enough to enter this place never leave alive. And those who stay have learned sometimes the easier and sometimes the hard way that to not love him as he needed t be known was instead to live in fear of the devil housed within him.

He presides over the townsfolk like a priest of no religion other than his own.

This place which bears no religion save the one born to this man who is as conniving as he is charismatic. A seemingly idyllic small town which inhabited an insidious secret which is enforced with every kind of punitive meanaure the Kindest of which is murder, quick and swift. But rarely was such mercy bestowed upon those who disobey His order..

It becomes apparent no one leaves this town alive if they dare attempt at all.

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