Bob Lazarus and Area 51

In an old interview with Bob Lazarus who was divulging governmental information then was threatened by the same people he had worked for. At Area 51 in Nevada (51? 52?) . The interviewer inquired whether his primary motivation was the rights of the American people as well as the scientific community to Know this information and he was honest too honest and said…well no…it was for sake of Insurance. Because he knew if he went public and then something happened to him the link would be too obvious. Bob Lazarus is alive still today and would not be if he had not gone public though he is paranoid, ptsd and now agoraphobic like me. I wasnt divulging top secret governmental information Just the fact that local and state governmental institutions such as the police, attempted to falsely incarcerate and then solicited two men to take my life in 2015. They wanted to hide this information instead which would have any judge then asking…but why.. and then why…and while they may not be able to truthfully answer…as always I WOULD and THAT IS WHY MY INTEGRITY-is in tact. Right Officer Goard? (An Exeter Cop then suddenly transferred to State Police after his solicitation BY THEM? No coincidence) Because I Could take it to that level. That will not happen if i am left alone and my record is not constantly altered so i can live a LIFE> . And be employable, credible, adapt a child and do what i have every right to in this life.

Take that right? Ill take the next step in the direction you do not want me to because I’ve had it. Five years is enough

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