Please let me add

Bob Lazarus , prior to feeling he needed to make his public appearance into an insurance policy to protect his life, has been repeatedly harassed by the same governmental entities he worked with and who subsequently denied having any association with him. After his fifteen year commitment to working on the UFOs, which harvoroee technology we can not replicate for lack of an element called 151. That is why it is called Area I 151, (and plutonium won’t cut it guys).

I was , as him, aware making details of what was happening would make me appear crazy to those who didn’t understand the law happens to have two faces. The one which protects and services and the other by which fellow officers feel forced to protect the ass of any fellow officer, regardless of their misconduct. no ones willing to be the snitch. there are ramifications that have exceeded the need for morality. All for a sense of basic safety and security

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