What I wrote on the Dover Public Defenders Google Review site after my personal message to Slammin

Linda Slammin was my public defender and at first she was wonderful. She was well aware i wasn’t guilty of stalking my fiancé who had filed an order against the downstairs neighbors, and the police used the report against me (they had reason for years and had tried for years to incriminate) putting my name in with theirs and playing dumb to the fact they were well AWARE HE AND I WERE AND HAD BEEN TOGETHER…THEY CAMEi to my own residence and arrested me within my own apartment which was ABOVE the one he put the order one. And this had been made clear. A father and his sons, lived below us, the father masturbating by the car too many times..so Doug filed.

Yet it was I who was arrested in my own residence for ‘stalking’ someone who had done everything in his power to ‘keep me’. It wasn’t but four months later i left him and had to place an order on him because he completely panicked then had a breakdown, calling me from the ER., etc. i don’t believe he was dangerous., Just desperate

The day of the arrest was surreal in that I OWNED the entire building in which they arrested me. And my fiancé and I lived happily together…well. So why would the PD Risk this false ararest and being caught for it? Because whomever was doing the soliciting was powerful and likely offering something. Like Goard who became a state trooper., despite the fact he FAILED.

The state and solicited PD had wanted something on me for years, having violated my rights during an unwarranted arrest, interrogation, hold and violating every right in a sense of my guilt. And I was innocent, so believed in the beginning i would have nothing to worry about. I didnt then know about the Blue Code, how if one fucks up, they all cover that persons ass until too many are guilty to ‘turn it around’…do the right thing… Thereby like too many past and present, I harassment and misconduct from the same entities meant to protect us.

Needless to say., i do not believe LINDA SLAMMIN was primarily aware of the gravity of my case, but became aware when clearly saw that my ACTUAL OFFENSE, DISOBEYING A BAIL-bondsman remained but that Stalking also remained. Which she was well aware she not yet she refused so speak with the prosecutor or the judge even after several calls. In my mind that wasn’t excusable leaving me completely unemployable for the past five years.

The state PD were there waiting, Durham does having been solicited (the emails I wrote the Durham PD thereafter? I think they understood where i was coming from because otherwise these emails would not have been tolerated…ends up after the MRI this past summer it did show Severe atrophy as well as temporal lobe epilepsy in effect of not receiving initial TX after a 2011 accident and instead held in JAIL; A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO HIDE, because then OFFICER GOARD WILL BE ASKED WHY. And he would have to profess he had been solicited by the state in effect of their human tights vio

BUT BACK to Attorney Slammin. I do not believe she understood the gravity of my case until AFTER she realized the other charge remained and why. And even though I spoke my mind to those i felt responsible, as my attorney knowing i had been very wronged/? She said not did anything leaving me unemployable for the past five years.

I have worked with people and have a Masters In counseling. When i first moved here, I was about to begin an internship with Seacoast, implementing a drug and alcohol Branch with a fellow LADC. Onc completed, given my credits, I would have been licensed as a MLADC. Now I’m seen as someone I’m not because people like Linda as my attorney didn’t stand up for me and had she? It could have made all the difference, but she chose to hide and do nothing. And this was after very pleasant friendly voicemails informing her (like she didnt know). It wasn’t until TONIGHT, four years later or so that i called, that i told her EXACTLY what i thought of her conduct and how it really failed me and my deserved credibility after ALL I HAVE LIVED AND GOTTEN THROUGH, severely disabled NO LESS> THANK YOU

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