Get ready

If you think there’s been an epidemic in regard to vaping and seizures recently? JUST WAIT. Not let me be clear. I am for marijuana. In fact it leads to far less caustic consequences then drinking. You never read about someone impaired on marijuana committing crimes, it is away alcohol or some other synthesized drug. Marijuana causes sedation and at worst paranoia. Hardly the ingredients for a fight or random killing, unlike alcohol and other drugs which cause aggression and a whole host of other side effects that lead to far dire circumstances than marijuana every could. Marijuana allows one to see inward. Alcohol provokes one to only look outward for the attention they crave, with the newfound sense of confidence this brew provides. Marijuana is not liquid courage.. In fact it would lead one to question even further the very circumstances they would willingly out themselves in when under the influence of alcohol. I have never partaken in pot and regretted my actions the next morning. Bit alcohol. Oh well, thats a whole other story. And i think anyone who drinks or who has over done it can quite possibly relate…?

In any event this isn’t about that. It’s about the fact that now that marijuana has been legalized in many states, this vaping this will take off like no ones business. Literally; And those synthetic cannaboids that were causing the seizures in what people were getting somehow on some grey market, can now simply be bought in a store under the guise of 100% pure THC. (Why has this never been mentioned as to not mention it was what was IN the vape that caused the seizures rather than nicotine which has NEVER CAUSED SEIZURES and are what vape pens were ORIGINALLY For. That is not necessarily the case now. but those cartridges those teens were vaping? Were laced. Was this never said? Seriously. How fucking stupid. The news will make you DUMB)

And dont get me wrong. There are MANY MANY legit dispensaries out there whose cartridges are 100% real thc and other terpenes and majianace components. But there are many dispensaries which carry cartridges which have a high perhaps somewhat similar to marijuana, but somehow more numbing, more addicting but far less therapeutic and has within it a compound with consequences marijuana doesn’t cause. Also you will notice cravings unlike you get when you finish a legitimate marijuana vape cartridge. And it isn’t pleasant. Wanting signs? The packaging . Anything too colorful or cartoonish in marijuana dispensaries including edibles are more than likely to have synthetic cannabadois which will make the high somewhat stronger but not in a pleasant way.

It has happened to me by mistake, but there is no way of going bac to prove it is what they say it isn’t. It is over all not a good experience and completely wrong that this trash isi being sold under the guise of legitimate medicine. It will ruin it for all of us. It will make the government call marijuana caustic, lumping it in with the synthetics. THere will be NO DIFFERENTIATION. Watch. It will happen. I promise.

ANY MAN MADE SUBSTANCE is caustic on the system as it was not made to be put in our systems. That is why. But those substances from the land that have been used for centuries in ritualistic and visionary purposes/ Those are quite different and it is quite ironic that we have demonized the very things that we now and have been proven as fact to have progressed certain societies and civilizations beyond our own capacity.

Unless you can explain why the very first civilization built many structures which we, with all the tools and new innovations of ‘today’, can not begin to replicate. Explain that. And tell me that we are smarter, and use the tools they had to access the other 97% of their minds.

That is what i intend to do

That and


Get a motorcycle

Become gainfully employed and

Write my story and get it published

All of these things

Will Be Done

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