When are you all gonna get

That you can NOT BEAT HIM

That when he wants me to go,

Then i go

People ask why I’m not terrified of driving after the two accidents I’ve had

And until that question was asked I hadn’t even ever asked


And I ask myself EVERYTHING

And between! Trust


But there was also something Innate within me

That Knew i had nothing to fear because like the two accidents I should never

Have survived, the second one my being told i had a 1% chance of making it out of that one whole, He had held me near.

If I survived those, and all before, it had become somehow beyond clear

On a level that was beyond words or even formal comprehension

Or born of some religion

I just knew when He wanted me to go, I would go and until then

I am not going anywhere

And thats what They DO NOT GET

When He is ready for me to go? I’ll go. Until then. I’m not going Anywhere

They have NO CONTROL

And it drives them wasp crazy angry

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