I couldn’t plan the timing better

My attorney told me despite us having all we needed to annul a record with a couple false allegation charges, the prosecutor denied us the motion and offered the explanation that she just wasn’t in a ‘good position’ in her work ‘environment’ to do elsewise. (IE; She is constantly around state and local cops there who would make her life hell if she granted the motion. Why well…)

it seem r as though this hold up was not a coincidence and due to thei awareness that should I be credible within three years of when that report was falsified? Man of them? Would be fried.

So..This second accident was in 2015, exactly three years from which would have been a but before it Would have been annulled

Ironically or perhaps you could say coincidentally, an emergency MRI showed white matter in my cerebellum this past summer, three years from which now I have a case given the concrete evidence

..but more importantly the fact my brain had atrophied to that of a 70 year old man Due to lack of treatment. The lack of treatment that is uncovered will open Pandora’s box of who how when and where and I wouldn’t have to write a word of what happened .

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