Temperament of this country

We are all sitting in slowly heating water

Completely unaware we about to get boiled

What do I mean?

With a hacksaw like Trump, the fact that it Is the 1% who owns Him (my guess? Those rallies were staged unless people are TRULY That stupid: I don’t buy it (as well as the government), the innumerable covert operations, the fact that those in congress derive virtually nothing more puppets. The fact that the only ones who Know where this country where really got are those sociopathic fee whose money does buy everything.


AND , as fact They are deliberately setting this country up to crave a charismatic, intense, and dictatorial leader who makes promises we want to hear but will untimely lead us into a certain hell

This will be the third Antiachirst

Apparently, I learned this actual gas already Been prophesied thousands of years prior, Nostradamus the most notable of these prophetics. And thus far. He has not been wrong. (Neither have I… 😊 .. and sometimes that gift doesn’t quite feel like one…

The first Antichrist who was responsible for what was claimed to be the first true genocide was Napoleon

And the second? Hitler. Need I say more

Without the history their bloodshed set about, we wouldn’t be in the position we are nor be in need of the leadership we are about to be Fed


We want security

They know Maslows heirarfhy of needs AJD our unconscious craving for stability if one of the most basic and fundamental of them

They know how and where to get us, in ways we are not in any way able to directly trace. Back only to Ourselfes and our own decisions, forgetting how influenced they were by the brainwashing of the media.

The best way out? Don’t watch the news, or any of that shit. Every news corporation is government owned and can’t get trusted. So long as they don’t june to report on only the intense travesties (many we are creating) our n other countries, can they keeo ya more docile and less aware that our own country is about to be overtaken.

They forget to report we are the youngest country in the world, and that we perhaps simply have no come to the destruction we report of and degrade as though we ourselves are in ‘such control’ when in reality 99% of this country? HAS NONE.

Those countries, in their own infancy? WERE able to successfully ‘control’ THEIR Own people as well. Give us 500 years and then let’s look back and see how we would judge… quite different is my guess. So Don’t watch any of that shit let alone believe it

SoHow can we ever turn into a dictatorship when we can make any choices we choose? Because We aren’t making them at all. Our subconscious which has been readily and overly influence IS.

And here’s a secret

Time isn’t linear nor even real

And we go in circles

My take in the resurrection? Not actual bodies rising from the graves but spirits reborn into this earth.

There is no linearity

And the ultimate goal and purpose we are to fulfill? To be the kindest most loving beings we can be

If we get it by the 7th, we are redeemed

If we continue even then to cross into what we did in previous times, we won’t have the chance to come back

And will not be redeemed.

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