Email to Exeter Hospital Patient Relations

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 17:32 Julie Assmus <> wrote:
Is there a reason why such an action would be taken when neglect has already been proven to have directly caused my federal disabilities…? Epilepsy, two heart conditions, several internal issues and a severe TBI whose consequences were devastating in lack of Tx and wouldn’t exist had i received such needed helo. As fact
that can now be evidenced
And Now that’s what the problem is though I was treated like shit before not after the DX
and I begged for help ebery day
No one would touch me because you all denied me
You can’t imagine the pain of your brain being atrophied , that damage mai , severely in need of sleep and completely unable because of severe untreated ongoing epilepsy that ends up causing severe damage it would not hage uad I gotten the help I tried to get over AJD and and only to be labelled
     Repeatedly. By every professional you see. With out a medical DX and the damage That severe and a story stranger than fiction? Well basically? I was f**^^^z
Why didn’t my Pcp help me?
Because she did the same as you. She does what all the others do and the report I obtained directly states she signed to not help me not matter what’.
Collaborated with authorities far more believable, and treating my like an addict when I suffered severe consequences of seizures like continuous vomiting
the pain of that. The danger? The treatment I would and should have gotten had they Had the proper DX
Each time for six years, at least once every few months , it was like hav If to give to hell but to not meant possible actual death, The dehydration so severe the EMTS disabled me from walking down my stairs. 
Dark room
No meds
No medication
No comfort
Same questions
So much pain and I did nothing wrong but what I was subjected to? Horrible. The betrayal? Only just begun… and you all were apart of that
Blacklisting me like every other ER just like they asked (not because they suspected whatever bus*** reasons they gave but because they want nothing more found because that gives me two more years and they are akready covering their butts in regard to this neurologist thing (Dr. Logan said atrophy was normal: no active TX for epilepsy; DH neurologist says atrophy is drastic and we are considering device implementation for my epilepsy because meds have proVEN ineffective and we can’t get The epidiolex appealed ; in any event I’ve been trying so hard to SAVE MY BOdy AND health from more damage and  I’ve always taken Such Good care of it (Everyone I know growing up would back that statement up; I never ate crap and worked out like crazy!
Then my oife is changed but no one can see it because I appear the same and anything that did they call it character whej those who know ke frok beforr would know something is weong 
    I am suddenly dealing with the symptoms of life altering injuries and that is truly difficult enough.
  And honestly? I’ve had to face this alone, those at home Home, told a variety of stories certainly to protect my parents reputation because they didjt believe me either!!
Then to go ON TO BE  disbelieved BY THOSE DAYS REALLY NEED HELP FROM, labelled instead when you are truly being honest…. then antagonized by those who I’m supposed to be able to trust . This went on since 2011 since already dozens of officials had violated the law and were guilty unless i was. 
I have become in effect suicidal, most especially after my therapist who bthoigut Did believe me, sexually exploited me
ans I’ve never been close to such a state before 
But so dmaged, etc n pain all the time, not believed. Alone. No one to help and when you get sick it’s almost worse to go to know you’ll be treated like shit
And exeter hospital was really really bad. Sorry. Cruel almost. ThrowIng me in a back rooms for hours to wait without any meds or help
It’s As though all those accountable would rather an innocent dead that take any consequences or accountability instead a
 I was without a DOUBT BLACKLISTED
The police made it so I’m so character assassinated in effect of false charges stuck in there for Over five years now. 
 I can’t get an attorney
 I am literally crippled in every way
Please help me and not them
Feel good about what you do
And please do the right thing
I need you
I hold a Masters in counseling AND Education and was able to evade every entrapment in that I went to the KSU peace academy after grad school. Yup. I did. 
  In any event, my brain severely deprived of oxygen atrophied the officer falsified the report so he could admit me to jail to carry out his solicitation. Reason being they needed Something on my having violated my rights 
. My neurologist says I shouldn’t have survived that night. That night I lay crying out for help. They essentially laughed at me. Thru set a $1000 bail. Despite my PARENTS HAVING SOLICITED AS WELL AT THE START THEY DECLINED TO bail me out desoite my deteriorating state
    She’s where she needs to be
    I was a straight A student and never was told no because I never violated any person or boundary or law. I would cry about a squirrel that died for days and was completely in my own universe. Very good natured. Very open. Very kind. It’s like he forgot who I was AJD despite my fiancé having told him my condition he held. My fiancé had to sell his surfboard to pay the $1000. The whole time GOARD was trying to change nvuncr the other officer today transfer me to federal 
And so for years, as my rights had been violated in an unwarranted investigation and officers thereafter solicited, my life became a living hell and Not of my own making, so many times by the grace of God, narrowly escaping the never ending entrainment with injuries I should age beej in the hospital for
Instead I was getting harrassed, labelled and blamed
And I wasn’t briefed
Most would have been in patient receiving much needed love
Not one person I know even has said to me how sorry they are
Because even they don’t know
You do not KNOW ALONE
I’m never alone at all
Because if I was, I’d be dead
And with my integrity In tact and my knowing I haven’t had an ill motive toward another not lied nor had any reason to? Well, it’s empowering while all the others who write such letters as you see below.
The only thing keeping them from constant unease, conscious or not, Is the supreme and unshakable knowledge that because of their Status and power, they truly Are immune from consequence and law: as you know. Otherwise, that is easily shown as insurance fraud given they specified a mass First in parentheses (please Do note this) as not being suspected.
But I’m regard to the head injury I went so long undiagnosed AJD untreated (labelled and judged instead) Because I was never admitted to Exeter where given I crashed at 45 would have  been out ij ICU . By law. But he lied (I have a copy of every report) and said I was only going 18. Two under the limit required to admit me
Officer GOARD 
All charge were dropped because in fact he had been solicited to plant a controlled substance in me.
Well I suppose I just answered my own question 
But I ask you, why an MRI is suggested after two profressional THAT spotted a potentially cancerous mass, not only is denied but an action is taken to ensure that it is
That means I have been black listed
Because I am a liability 
Because you all are well aware that for every injury proven I have two years To it to some form of negligence 
MY CONCERN IS MY HEALTH AND THR FACT THAT At age 41 I have to go to the type of appointments that the elderly time is consumed by I should be living my life right now instead of having to subject myself to all these tests let alone Repeatedly. 
I often feel I am fighting system that wants me dead
And it’s my health care 
That’s really scary so please help me or I will be forced to file with an ADA discrimination with the DOJ for disallowing access amenities and the reasons? Aren’t even that I am suspected to want anything but that there is more to cover up and meanwhile I have been dying
And not living my life
The MRI showed my brain is atrophied to that of an 85 year old and I hage intractable temporal lobe epilepsy in effect of lack of TX that night two officers collaborated with a technician and ensured I was not admitted 
They had other plans for me that night
My attorney Can attest to all these texts I stare as well as the fact that my former PCP was solicited And engaged in medication ‘errors’ that landed me in the ER this past year with severe cardiac conditions . I hage now been diagnosed with Bradycardio and tardycardia but I wasjtbtokd got to treat eituer by the specialist. Same with the neurologist who drastically underplayed my epilepsy while my DARTMOUTH HITCHCOCK NEUROLOGIST IS APPALLED AT MY FORMER TX AND THE TEARS IT ER VISITS WITH NOT ONE REFERRAL FOR A HEAD SCAN. 
now that I see how they were trying to ensure I couldn’t get oke of shay night well he cancer? I see how why. But that is horrible. And will be reported with evidence to back it up
I’ve had enough and that letter was IT
I have requested a second opinion through another source that my insurance scores as the scans were sent the next day to my insurance and it was approved
My fear is that with all my internal issues will not be addressed and any possible cancer will spread 

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