Ext from draft One

There are still unanswered questions surrounding, in between, the beginning to all that youve told me. Is there any way you could tell me what happened sequentially?

Yes though it is easier somehow to start from the now. Explaining why my life is as it is today and trace backwards. I’m not sure why. Though I know I will repeat myself many times and jump all over the place in attempts to explain. Though it will make sense because it has to . It’s what happened and all can be evidenced

Certain questions raised now I the need to clear and are more easily answered started from the rear. So also in the sense I find it’s more essential right now.

But the charges? That kind of DEFAMATION has taken away my right to have the freedoms choices and liberties any American who hasn’t committed a crime should be able to have. But I do not have any of those rights because of false charges that haven’t been annulled because of further misconduct.

What is it you can not do with these charges on your record given they are only charges and no one can deny you the right to work based on…

We BOTH know that employers very much look at charges and judge that persons character and when they are character damning ones as oppose to defiance or disorderly conduct while intoxicated, etc. then one WILL AUTOMATICALLY be disqualified . The moment ANY employer does a background check and sees Stalking? That’s it for me.

No option to adopt (though there are other options). No opportunity to work or volunteer which at the age of 41, new to the area means NO OPPORTUNITY TO INTEGRATE into the community. And anyone who becomes interested or curious looks me up and I am shunned. Done. I do not believe people understand the implications that these charges have had. The character defamation uad NOT GIVEN ME A FAIR SHOT. How could it when I can’t apply myself to anything or anyone at all? It is crippling when I’m already physically severely damaged by ongoing misconduct and neglect. What’s frustrating is how easy it is not only to prove the charges false but that they weren’t even filed in the first place

If in fact these charges can easily not only be proven false but not to have been filed in the first place by the alleged plaintiff Why have they not been annulled for nearly five years

Because every year it has gone through a prosecutor and that prosecutor is invariably threatened by the state and my attorney says their life would be made ‘uncomfortable’ were they to say yes to a perfectly admissible case. (This is how it goes. Cops cover cops. Doctors cover doctors. Etc. That’s just how it works and those who are beneath In any official power structures environment will have no choice but to submit as well to keeping their silence as the consequences would be to never see their work, or even have further taken from them. So even those officials or doctors, essentially good people, who want to do something are often rendered unable.)

Link here to the BLUE CODE OF SILENCE

So why suddenly the harrassment this past year that YOUVE claimed and served will discuss next though it is one of the last things that have happened since it all began in ?

2011. That was the year of the unwarranted federal investigation and accident that disabled me. But why the harrassment would begin would be to have complaints or charges againstj me in order to bias a judge in thst this is the first year my case is being taken through a superior court to a supposedly unbiased judge. Unless of course she becomes biased by seeing further complaints or charges against me. But would she not also see WHEN they began happening. The fact that there is direct motive for the entrainments? So my chance at annulment May be taken. And my chance to move forward as well so all I can do is move back,

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