In the beginning

I wrote a complaint concerning the psychiatrist who cut me off of all meds The Day day i was torn from my apartment by the feds for the unwarranted investigation in which I was innocent as they were convinced of my guilt. This was the first medical professional to directly collaborated with the federal authorities. The second was my PCp who was still located on Hanover as in 2011 I had just moved to Portsmouth to begin an Internshop with Deb Braun Mills to become officially MLADC licensed. Weeks before I was to begin, my lofe was essentially taken. And ever since that day it has never been in any way tye wY it would have been. Especially with the severe I juries incurred in the first car accident three weeks after I was released from being held without warrant , them having found nothing. As there was nothing to find. (Though I do understand why they wouldn’t even Guess such a profile was created to ensure the samples received would be safe without any intention of doing what was said there within, as she only wanted what was ensured to be pure and she had researched extensively to learn to could allow one to reach a stage of ‘enlightenment’ not even a lifetime of Buddhist meditation could compare’. And from the ‘sessions’ sue had, there were No regrets, only expanding experiences’ NO REGRETS ON what she was doing , hurting No one and attempting to self heal and reach a state one could not without)

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