Second year

The second year after the accident it becalmed routine to get up every morning, have about three seizures (remained conscious but would lose all muscle control; start shaking and end up on the floor) then vomit then take a shower. I had no choice. My days were hell. I didn’t know I was having severe unrelenting temporal lobe seizures. I didn’t know my brain was severely atrophied in effect of lAck I’d treatment. I didn’t know this all wouldn’t be found out until I fell two years ago and finally was given an MRI BY the third ER. The resistance even after all these year to give me a rsfsrrL was outstanding and obvious and it wasn’t until we had been there four hours and my father who was visiting out place in OF stepped in. That is when a doctor came in and gave me the referral. And the MRI found damage that could have been prevented if it had been done years before.

my PCP at the time declined to refer me to a neurologist for over a year and when he finally did; ger first report directly Indicated major head trauma. But then Dr. Nosiff realized ye was in trouble. I Yad injury and he had waited over a year so now ue too was liable. He was also the only one to admit to me that the feds came to him and asked for my file directly. He was also the medical professional whom , when I had a physical, had me sit there for two hours to never show nor mention it. I soon learned so long as ue was only my Rx prescriber and not my PCP he wasn’t liable for waiting so long to refer me (law is a year or they are liable for damage). So he too suddenly lied and said he had never been my doctor and Dr. LAUZE then typed up a second report stating there Was no injury. Unaware I had the first report stating the opposite. She would no longer take my calls. Just like the public defender who ran away when I confronted her on the fact the state had slapped two charges that a judge had stated as false and dismissed in a court of law. As my public defender she was the one to amend this. That was not right yet she also refused to see me or take my calls. Not really surprising. Along the same lines as my truing to report certain offenses to the feds and just getting interrogated (that’s when I knew they were involved in the investigation as at the time what I was suspected of was a form of domestic terrorism) and the DOJ WAS THE way to go). Along the same lines as so many reports being falsified. When people are threatened by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THEY WILL NO LONGET engage with you if that is what they are told to do. And that’s what they were told. So I could not get proper help as they knew all would give me a case and then would he traced back to tie federal governments liability. And that? Is something they would not take lightly

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