It’s Time For Cops To Break The Blue Code Of Silence

It’s Time For Cops To Break The Blue Code Of Silence
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Like continuing in any way to collaborate with the lies of federal or state authorities . They are Not the end all be all and you are not granted immunity under their guidance. There will be prosecution of those directly linked to any major damage or event. Many damages have incurred, compete disability, etc. but shall I die, before my time, we know who is responsible . My heart will not stop, ‘by accident’ and my tire to my bike will not fly off ‘on its own’ . I say this in the wake of riding down to the curb to notice the back tire bolt was completely unscrewed and would take only a mile before coming off altogether. The front tire while riding 30mph. That was no accident the screw became That way as every bike pro themselves will attest, such can NOT Happen on its own. Given my history and what they’ve already attempted am I supposed to see thst as merely incidental? At this point I CAN NOT

BECAUSE IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE AND THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE MOTIVE? All the authorities liable with something to hide OR my ex fiancé who is a danger to himself and others. That is my opinion. And I was with him for nearly a decade . He has his good side but his fear leads to some dangerous pathology that I have firsthand seen

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