Wait… what?

I bring this now to your attention as it’s affecting Julies health care. The state is attempting to prevent anyone finding further injury as it would increase the hospitals liability. And that is an issue for them in that it is the one which collaborated with them the night Julie Became disabled, so she would not receive the treatment she needed. The sent letters to her insurance claiming she did not have a mass on her liver for which she was referred an MRI by a Portsmouth doctor who had done a CAT SCAN and saw it there. It was confirmed by a specialist.

She was in a major car accident in 2011 and is already federally disabled . Finally MRI evidence win 2018 proved severe injury. She had fled an officer she knew was going to do something bad and later found out If they could charge her with a felony drug charge they could have her for attempt to sell which would alleviate them of all their violations. She crashed at 45MPH. The officer lied and out 18 so she would not be admitted. It was only seven years later proven in effect of MrI and neurologist testimony she suffered severe atrophy to that of a 85 year old and intractable temporal lobe epilepsy in effect of being put in jail that night based on false charges. The officer had been solicited By the state whom had violated Ms. Assmus’’ rights three weeks prior in an unwarranted search. The local authorities became involved and in light of finding no evidence after eleven days of holding her against her will by committing her to a place later found to be states as elsewhere in the report written. Since that time Julie has been subject to severe harassment by the state and local authorities. The federal government was also involved in that what she was suspected of was at the time a form of domestic terrorism. She has no affiliation with such activity about to begin an internship to become MLADC licensed.

. Now she finally gets help and now a severe lesion on her liver has been found and when she was referred for an Mei the state wrote HER insurance FALSELY claiming there was no lesion or mass suspected. They lied as they knew Exeter’s liability would lead directly back to them. The state attempted to prevent her from getting the needed health care. That is a criminal report. As is the fact I was left to die in the cell In 2011 and became federally disabled in effect of it, is also a major civil and human rights violation pointing back at the state and all those involved. And so many were. How could this not be worthy of investigating. In 2015, there was a solicited hot and the cop even was honest with my fiancé who came for the scene about this. Him and his eldest son. She has what she needs to prove all this beyond any doubt. And so many crimes were committed by officials which almost led directly to her death. This is serious. Untreated severe epilepsy all that time. She was so sick and couldn’t function, was judged and harassed severely instead of supported and helped. No one believed her while she was trying to get help in a state her neurologist is amazed she survived and WASNT heard or helped. This was a hell no one could quite imagine. Please look into the fact the state is guilty of solicited attempted murder among MANY MANY other things beginning with their investigation in which they had no legal right to carry out. No warrant, no signature, no evidence. Nothing . And then all thru tried to do? Was get rid of her. The very people supposed to help after her. Please help her get some resolution. She will not live long with her conditions

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