Documents of letters from the state will be reposted

The reason she says the state wants to avoid any further proof of damage (they don’t even have her MRI results of the mass in the system though I have the raw data which proves it) because if she chose to file suit against Exeter Hospital for it ? It would be traced back to the State and all the other federal misconduct. Such as attempted false incarceration and as far fetched as it seems attempted solicitation of murder. Quite the accident to have been falsified as opposed to investigated. Except it was, as I stated it should have been, until the state said she was crazy, and of course as always THEY were believed.
She stood no chance.
If she is able to be heard in regard to the states fraud? and it investigated? That could lead to something. And it took no action of her own. They kind of did themselves in by sending her a copy of the letter (proof of their misconduct when she can contradict is). Also given she was given the MRI? The DOJ must have heard her and overridden their attempts as it was covered. 
Julie (she is I, Julie)

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