The decisions within the next month

Will determine whether I have any kind of future in this country or would need to move to another in order to have one. It is a lot of change to handle

And I’ve been yanked all over the god damn place as has my attorney, the state prosecutor having lied to my attorney in order to see what yet next move would be. When they learned it was annulment and it would be a clean and successful one, they feared MY MUCH DESERVED CREDIBILITY would be shown. And they are aaare of all the injuries on behalf for Exeter Hospitals negligence which happened to be in direct effect of the having collaborated with the state. You see if injuries are shown? I have two years to file for damages and it would all be traced right back to where it ALL BELONGS. On the FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES who have engaged in repeated misconduct in effect of what is often. termed the Blue Code. And it is hard to blame the ones having solicited as to not go along with state and federal wishes likely didn’t seek to be an option. Instead what was over and over, to attempt to incriminate, defame , discredit and in 2015 ‘do away with’ in an accident which was reported only had 1% chances of surviving. (This was after the accident in 2011 which caused my brain damage and spinal chord injuries though this accident caused a major subsequent concussion which set me back to 0 if not worse off than I was before.. it was after this u became very sick and was hospitalized many times with no referrals for SCANS or what was needed and what ultimately in 2018 DID DETERMINE THE DISABILITY TRACED BACK TO NEGLIGENCE ON BEHALF OF EXETER HOSPITAL a Due to their solicitation with the state that evening; that is FACT) But in 2015 as in 2011 I did survive and again did not receive adequate medical treatment in effect of the PD wanting me discharged quickly before their superiors could question me; then a falsified accident report ; NO charges and no word of any outcome. Like many of the events which nearly took my freedom or lofe, there was no paper trail. The times they tried,I was never photographed or printed. All this comes to them having learned I would be credible and shoild j choose to file for any of the severe damages leading to my federal disabilities, it could and Would all he traced back to state local and federal authorities. It’s THAT SIMPLE. As Hollywoodish as it sounds it’s the truth and I can’t change it to please you. Would you?

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