God help us ALL

First time Federal Government would be indicted for solicited attempted murder back in 2015. And whether or not my record is annulled there are people left non defamed, still credible, who will file against the state a well evidenced case showing that in fact the PD report obtained in 2015 was falsified.

Insurance payout was received by me showing man was at fault

I received no charges nor was asked to pay any restitution

No blood or urine was taken in the ER where I was not given proper concussion procedure as the state troopers wanted me out of there before their superiors could come and ask me questions

I was seriously asked who would want to hurt me * had an answer. Gary Decker, the lead agent of the unwarranted investigation. Whomever It was I spoke with took this all very seriously and finally after fothat r years unwarranted stoops, harrassment false arrests and incarceration and then an attempted hit, I was maybe going to be believed and get some help.

Then he spoke with the state and then when he spoke with me again, acted as though I were crazy and just like always, as oppose to be believed for sake of telling the truth it was those with authority who LIED WHO WERE BELIEVED . AS ALWAYS * it was their power. They always won. I was never believed over then

But yet There was motive

I have photos of the car showing I was in fact bashed at 95mph

An officer actually gave a direct statement of the actuality of what happened to my bow very ex fiancé and his eldest son. While I do not at all trust Doug Dalke I Do trust his son, Christopher Dalke, a genius young man. Who is credible, excels at all he does and would NOT BE QUESTIONED. Neither would the evidence and the fact I reciebed a check from the other mans insurance and the fact I wasjt cuarged ref blamed in the report

The state? Will have to explain ALL THAT WHICH WOULD LEAD BACK TO THE FEDS AS THEIR Involvement only was necessary in that what I was suspected of in 2011 when 26,000 homes were directly searched for such with or without warrant, was a form or domestic terrorism

And given they do not want me credible in order to file any major lawsuits: they are doing all they can to defame and ensure

The federal government is not perhaps for the first time


in truth, my motives were very self oriented. They having confiscated my computer during their search of my place three weeks prior to the accident (to plant a schedule on me to be avle then to charge me with INTENT for a crime in complete lack of evidence, would have found searches on ENlightment and ancient cultures and their use of certain earth made substances which allowed them to tap into more than the 3% of reality Einstein proved we are limited to experiencing with our senses only

So they could either set me up for some drug charge or find and prove some connection to others and drug smuggling which they would never find as I have never had interest in such and so have never looked it up. I have no association with what I’ve never had an interest in and know nothing about. My history will prove this.

And this is all driving them nuts. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS BE ACCOUNTABLE TO ME, Apologize, compensate me and I’d be on my way, having made a deal to never speak of it all again. But no, instead they chose this . Believing their power as opposed to DOING WHAT WAS RIGHT would work better. Shows you the idiots leading this con tru know nothing of humility and only of dishonesty, covering up their mistakes and blaming the person they were wrong about to justify their initial UNJUST actions . THESE ARE THE CHILDREN LEADING THIS COUNTRY. Straight!? To hell * it’s where they want an innocent civilian they wrongly targeted. Certainly that shows far more sadism than compassion. God help us ALL

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