to all those who have read and followed my blog

I am flattered

And it’s nice to know there are the few who Know what’s happening in the country .

All organic followers; both on Twitter and Here. No ads. No bought ones. I figure I’ll draw out those who Know the truth and know in this country what we have been conditioned to know as it is actually in many respects a delusion. Keep the nurses don’t keep them numb keep them Lulled into constant unwanted distracted and make sure they stay Dumb. Though we are not sometimes it’s less painful to pretend we don’t know what’s really going on. But there are those that like myself who do not have that option and pay no matter what they do Or say. Because the federal government is accountable and when was the last time it was Indicted for a much needed (the year after they were unable to make me disappear within the system) , evidenced and planned attempted solicitation of murder. no coincidences. Not then not now and if I had believed different I wouldn’t have a voice either.

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