Quite email to parents

Good afternoon. How are you all? ❤️.

I say this now or I WILL FORGOT. but I Just realized the reason I can NOT RELAX? Is because on a BASE fight or flight level? I am constantly fearing the police will arrest me. Based on something I said, something they allege. I just don’t know. But that’s why. It’s constant. Like they must really HAVE to believe I’ll move forward to b letting this go. And I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. Like there will be some catch. Something they can already charge me with three hours, days, months down the road. It’s very hard to explain. I hate it. More on the foot soon.. how far the glass dig, pics, so much fun to look forward to. There’s plenty of info on that. I am about to go to my 530. Leaving early because I need to limp from parking . 😊

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