I’m aware people hate me

But those who do havent a clue why

Oh sure they’ll tell you all sorts of surmised assumptions, bias, gossip projections, envy and judgement. Essentially their arguments for their strong dislike will be based on everything EXCEPT seeing directly the facts or speaking with my person one on one in an uncontrolled environment.

More on my theory of their issues in a moment…

Those who Do experience that….? Me…? Don’t doubt me at all

And all I need do is remember exactly who these people are

People who are not only respectable by my own biases standards but by society at large whether for having acccomplished milestones throughout their lives which labelled them ‘successful’ or having been wholly recognized as they seeding hero they are and were, those who respect me; whether member of the state PD, my attorney, an ex chief of PD and a number of other members who have witnessed first hand what happened as itwas happening. Who then heard years later of the same that they witnessed, continuing. Affected, human, dignified, respectful human being they were, have helped me, whether by direct word, action, inaction or allowing me to go ‘undetected’ speeding when I should Not, I have people even who may not be able to allege and allegiance or association TO ME to others but whom I know having seen the actuality, hold nothing but respect for the person who got through it, continued to and stands at the end. Especially when there are those among them well aware of how low that statistic realistically is. And it is Low

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