To be apart

Of a social group

Laugh when they laugh

Even when it’s not funny and you wouldn’t laugh alone

Give up a part of yourself

To belong

To be apart of

Perhaps Compromise,

Perhaps even push compassion and honesty aside

That one the ‘others’ aren’t sure of whom you would have been kind to, instead you do what they do

That’s people

And that’s not recovery

That’s the disease

Honesty, empathy, compassion

These are what relationships are built on

Without such a foundation

Is like a house made of twigs rather than hard sure wood.

Make certain you say what the others are saying

Whether it’s true or said

Completely blind

A complete lie

Make sure you do as they do

And respect the hierarchy? based on bullshit. The people who are perforce we most confident.

Anyone can act as such

Ir means nothing without action

To back it up

And I haven’t seen it

So Who are you without this group

They claim That they lives have become amazing since they have begun to feel apart

Of this group

Of people who seem to have the same story.

Since they joined

Since they came to belong

It all got better

But that’s not the truth

Not for everyone

Not for the some who nod their heads in agreement to a truth that isn’t true

For them

But no one wants to be a burden

You must always be up, and looking out for others

Often these people believe true pain as self pity

Most especially if they haven’t experienced Intense loss or pain in their own recovery

So they judge these valid issues as self pity. As oppose to perceive it for what it is

And at what expense?

Their entire integrity being taken without even their conscious awareness

Who are they without this group they have acted disingenuous within and towards

Without realization of any conscious owning

Because in America to belong

Make sure to hand over your integrity

To Belong

Otherwise you’ll be alone

But at least

You’ll know

You’ll remember

Who you are and

Where you came from

In their recovery

The illusion of having connections based ever loosely on relating avidly

Honest or not

True or

As far from it

As you consciously realize it to be

But don’t say the truth

How you truly feel

Perhaps you can’t access such sentiment in social


Repress it for sake of belonging

Then ask yourself

Is it worth it?

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