My Theory on the coronavirus; Written as date indicates; prior To theories OF LIKE BEING REPORTED

What creates an epidemic? it it the virus that is epidemic itself though what has happened recentlY in numbers (those proven to have the virus) as far from epidemic

Is the disease or is it perhaps more to fear that the media and news spread About the possibility of it? which creates an epidemic and conveniently for them results in people spending trillions more than otherwise as all do in an alleged ‘crisis’. overspending leads to subsequent consumption. Advertisers are well Of this, likely store will hike prices without detection The reality is 500 people are known to be affected and are quarantined as of yet, the date this is written.

The population size affected thus far is minuscule, most especially relative to other diseases such as cardiac arrest, dehydration and the flu. Three main causes of death in the US claiming around 500 times the amount of death as this epidemic. If we cautioned the people had been cautioned and been told to take action in regard to what was actually killing us? Many Would have been spared. Especially in the face of this, many who

would have died wouldn’t have if their underlying conditions had been treated in the first place

We can do the bandaid fix or fix the u deleting conditions which would have soared those who were taken by this virus perfectly healthy people were not. (Sure there are always flukes as there was in this as well but death happens and sometimes the reason stated isn’t the actual reason)

But only in good old America do we find the quick bandaid fix. Just cover it up and pretend it’s not there. Instead let’s make a huge deal of what will cause infinitely far fewer deaths… that which was a spread through the air, quite like the common Cold or flu? And anyone who has symptoms of course felt the need to take precautions when they likely had a cold or flu. And If they went to the ER they likely picked up exactly what they went to get help for and didn’t even have In The first place. So instead of have Americans take precautions whuch would have spared infinitely more, we enforce guidelines such as they are doing in the face of this brutal ‘killer’. Why? Why now? Oh we knew something was bound to shift to change. Did we actually think we would get to decide what that change would be? Ya! Never in the land of the free though we will be given the illusion all while being held bound by certain mindsets and propoganda

Except no Americans would take it serious AND PERHAPS SACINF LIVES ISNT THE PURPOSE OF ALL THESE PRECAUTIONS. Have you ever considered that? Perhaps this is a man made excuse to have reason for an experiment in how to make a people docile under police state conditions. Now they know so long as we believe there is a threat to our personal health and safety? That is when we listen to exactly who has been lying to us this entire time? Because we Need to beliebe them. Him. The bacon I hate to admit I Can’t hate. He is too dumb. And not a cruel person. Just a crude cold. A narc. But he isn’t a monster. The next man who steps yo? Will BE. The next antiChrist

America has set the stag beautifully for us to long for a leader who is firm, charasmtic, essentially all that Trump? Was not

What the fuuuu….? make sense? If not, read it Again or Fuck it

A Boston shot

and there are many many other things we need to worry about. Of course it is important to take precautionary measures Given its voracious spread in China and other countries we can expect that here. But there is an end. There was there. At least our leaders in the wake of their own decisions can’t pretend not to know better or prolong these closures ‘forever’.

Until We see this actually become an epidemic we should not be casting fear and Driving people to overspend as the government expects. We always do when they declare ‘crisis’.

Maybe we need to ask ourselves what they are needing such an increase in money for what are they preparing for because they can create an antidote for every virus There is. Fear breeds and feeds an issue which then subsequently becomes epidemic

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