Ad Lib

A sudden ad lib that just came to mind I am not religious nor do I study the Bible
I apologize for the lack of punctuation I dictated this oddity within the last minute

As a society we decided to defineA lifetime as when the physical body manifest into being and then death in the end of life as when the physical body dies man is not God and God’s word promised that water would be turned into wine and all of these things we cannot fathom but these miracles are merely an effect of humility and gratitude and a lifetime to us may not mean what it does to God he may mean that after several lifetimes we will be reincarnated into a last in which we have suchAs the primary sources of comfort need and desire the Bible is metaphorical and it is a story of a man who was crucified , likely on his seventh lifetime, having reached the goal of becoming the most humble and kind a man could possibly be , ultimately to reach eternal salvation which is not reached until the end of what God would term life which is not the end of a physical body but the soul in until one becomes broken down in the most humble and grateful they can be that water taste of wine and all his friends all his promises come true only then will we realize the Bible is true meaning and that it is not meant to be taken literally and the miracles are within our hearts in a lifetime is not on the physical body lives manifest lives when the soul is done reincarnated and is then transferred to eternal salvation which is promised so long as he believes throughout every lifetime and realizes he does and can and will simply by being the most humble and kind. But we don’t choose itZ god chooses our time

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