Widgets…to speak of adding of The Wiggedy WIDGET disintegrated into a strong argument of sexism still existing within our society

I have never added a widget before nin my life and am still unsure what’ they are and how they operate. Are they mini aliens I’m installing?!?! In any event, those who have said they think y design of this blog, etc. is great. THANK YOU, its a very ironic statement given to someone who has NO IDEA WHAT she is doing. At least in regards to technology or building a blog. I do not even believe i just got that terminology correct. And how to do code? NO idea. I’m, 42, kinda in between that highly technical generation of today and the old school ways of yesterday, when your phone was plugged into a jack and you could take it no further than the bathroom and back. IF you were Lucky to reach that far for privacy. I miss those times, times that made even a phone call seem devious, something one had to hide from others. Or rather it was what they said. Now teenagers, seem to say it all, right in front of their parents hair, nuts and balls. Everything I wouldn’t have wanted my mother or father to know let alone that I needed to. Innocence seemed a lot more pervasive back in my day and before as it is now. Almost as precious and lost a commodity in this society as privacy. Those who truly wisb for it?o NOT HOOK THEMSELVES INTO WHAT WIL INSTEAD EXPOSE THEM. So ultimately it is ones decision. But once online…there is no guarantee these days, whatever it is, what ever is WAS will not become Embedded, OR rather permanent. The nightmare of being a teenager and waking up to find out that the boy you had believed truly looked you had just posted your ‘first time’ online. And it would be there, forever. I can not even IMAGINE. The horror. Every person you had never wanted to see you naked, or even come near you, teachers, parents, parents of friends, everyone will see your most intimidate moments parts and experience. There would be nothing more horrific for a young lady in a society that though we say we are no longer bigoted would instantly feel far more shame for the video than the boy who posted it. Elsewise he would not have. Hence, It is easy to determine this doinble standard in essential attitudes EVEN TODAY in the audacity of men posting suc experiences at the expense of a woman’s reputation. And yet they were owing the same thing. PLEAZE EXPLAIN HOW WE HAVE EQUALIZED men and women if the reaction to such a video is the aforementioned….

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