Humph 🤷‍♀️

Ad lib: so much to know so little to know all there is with the senses alone. Einstein himself first proposed we only sense 3% of reality with the senses, sight , the eyes, ears, the scent of the flesh and the rose. We know. But we yet we truly know nothing more than 3% of the reality revealed by the means of the senses of the dictates and norms a society has mandated. Our human senses alone, lulling US into a mindlessness so we forget every past future and generation has forged paths unforeseen due to the use of what has ensured they demonize and schedule. I do not speak of ‘drugs’ alone, but the stuff of the earth which allowed the very first civilians on this earth to devote their entire energies and resources into building the pyramids, structures in worship of Gods before religion was even a concept, let alone a structure set by Catholicism, its primary instructional purpose being in controlling the masses by means of fear. Doesn’t sound too spiritual to me, nor in the vein of a Christ we cite from the Bible in both Catholicism and many other religions as well, each their lan dams. Too many to be right thereby ensuring they are all ‘wrong’. There is no use in choosing, when that energy could be devoted to true worship of Christ and Allah, God, whatever you’d like to call .. Him… Her.. It’s your gig, not only you walk it. Don’t condemn others for playing by the same rules as you, just having chosen a different hand, or more likely been dealt the one they are now in practice of. A condition of their life. As they live it, just like me. Just like you. Being taken on different paths as tangents doesn’t change the fact that on a molecular level we are, fact backed by extensive scientific proof, 99.9% biologically the same. As human beings.

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