It was a hit and it was primarily investigated as such, The investigator who called me his first question being who would want you dead and he was dead serious as I was relieved that all of this was finally getting going to be taken as serious as it was and had been but then he spoke with the state police in the next time he spoke with me he spoke with me like I was crazy that’s what they did after a major concussion and them getting me out before the superiors quick question me so fast that it was not in the least treated as it should be and I have paid the price dearly

If you would like to continue sitting in your state trooper car in the side of Market rideX for all of a sudden my phone to have all sorts of disruptions, the last of which just five minutes ago? Was the deletion of the photos I’d taken of documents which clearly evidence every statement I make . But I have the hard copies and they ain’t here. That WOULDN’T be safe. So I’ll just take more photos. And maybe it’s a coincidence EVEN THOUGH they were the only 84 deleted out of over 10,234 photos.

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