Long half incomprehensible text ; WORTH IT


I wrote ; For some reason I really feel the need to express that the cops coming here those bigots was REALLY HARRASSING and I have faved a lot of that on behalf of the feds paying state employees big bucks to whitewash liabilities like me. And when I say I’m a liability I mean I got thru what they didn’t expect me to, RO now get my record annulled of FALSE charges, to now be credible so should I choose to share what happened, I will be heard and believed. That is what they uage been trying everything to avoid. Since 2011. The night they came and were aggressively telling me to back off, was wuen o had had to call Thrm in effect of an altercation thrn chickened out and didn’t report. Then they come to my home and threaten me? Based on what the Perp says. It was a corrupt cop the chief comes to find out after three more harrassing rncojrnyets. I’ve been one player Against an inexhaustible are me and Alex I am not saying this out of some sob story or to be a victim but this is all my truth and has gone on for a decade now and has made it so I was unable to receive treatment and now I am likely to have liver cancer the contrast MRI been the 21st as well as the need for brain surgery given my epilepsy is so bad and intractable continues to corrode despite the fact my brain is already atrophy to that of an 85-year-old and lack of treatment so I struggle in my mind slips in my memory goes like someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia so anyway I just want you to know the truth in Lieu of any bullshit or anything else they’re trying to make me out to be or anyone else who hasn’t had an actual conversation with me or no clue as to my injuries (it’s doubly odd along to look find Amd literally have the insides of an 85year old with cancer)!because you can ask my attorney or the X chief of police who is texting and calling me daily and is in the program of recovery and has no me even before the 2011 major car accident and injury (onky to be followed by a subsequent concussion in 2015 due to I solicited attempted hit that I can easily prove and there are no statutes of limitations but since when did the federal government get indicted for solicited attempted murder …? exactly ..and it’s not gonna happen now). If all of these injuries that happened on behalf of just a hospital or a person I would be a very wealthy woman , federally disabled and in effect of easily proven negligence and injury not fault my own but because it goes all the way up to the level it does , because the investigator who called me and asked me who would want me dead then talk to the state and then talk to me like I was crazy the next time he addressed me, I receive no justice and I’ve been labeled until I finally got diagnosed only two years ago to now being told I likely have liver cancer. (Precancerous cells; 60% likely; only TX is chemo and after ten years I’m done fighting; I’ve had no chance to have a life because I had no real medicinal DX or help in Tom two years ago because no one believed me) This is all before I got a chance to really get into any of my work or have a family or a child or anything I ever wanted so yes I get angry and you know with the mind of an 85-year-old in the body in the heart of one too I hope some of you all can give me a break and you know Alex you do and I thank you. DICTATED. My apologies for lack of punctuation . . I’m sorry for dumping all that on you Alex but if I did not you would not know and you know if it is cancer things are going to get a lot worse so just know it’s not self-induced and it’s not my choice. Thank you for all your help . No response necessary And the last thing this is us some cry for pity because I don’t feel sorry for myself at all I feel blessed and I have had a wonderful life… and believe there is the next… just waiting

3 thoughts on “Long half incomprehensible text ; WORTH IT

  1. OMG. Your story is crazy. I think it is wise to write this all down. That is a lot of info to remember.
    I don’t know you outside of your blog but you seem really strong. Try to find
    little things to be grateful for. It is clear you have experienced trauma but if you can, consider what brings you joy.
    BTW… your photography is stunning. 🤪


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