New recent color work

Who am I? Who are We? Are we products of our genetics upbringing environment. Oh yes we have determined all three. But ask yourself in this land of the free how you define yourself. Is it even possible to See yourself amidst the labels you’ve cluttered atop your character? Have you mistaken your roles you play for who you are? Because who we are is determined not by what others see, but what they do Not. Character is determined by Intention. And ask yourself. What is yours? Don’t interject all that you feel you need to be. Instead for once be honest with at least yourself; because frankly I get tired of interacting with those who have forgotten their true character and know onky how to soeak I’d whay they love already heard known and seen. I’m not interested in who you Want to BE, who you’ve deluded yourself you are? I want to know who that really IS. If you can’t tell yourself don’t expect those true to themselves to believe you. Maybe the ones who still are unable to face or see themselves will.

How did it all begin. How did I all begin. How did We all begin. Somehow. Someway. But how much are we shaped by society. In actuality. And what is going on now…? If you have any interest in whay I think; namely what I’ve experienced that exposes the underbelly of the well played organization we call government. That which we must now more than ever depend on. Is the slow slide Into a police stare where the dictates would he rebuked were they for any reason save ‘saving our lives?’ Were they uphold the mandates they do today without a reason that had to do with the people’s welfare we would adhere to the standards. Same applies to law. When there is unjust and wrong pre Supposed. It brings about the behavior that has it not been shamed perhaps would have expressed itself in a far less violent way. Given violence is an expression of anger. And anger will come when one feels shamed for who theyvareD their very impulses. As oppose to accept oneself as a monster instead he will crush his oppressor. Unfortunately assuming the very position we as a society had already asked him to so I’m like is every person. Perhaps their behavior DAR more RO do with how their are treated then their genetic makeup. I learned the weight to this possibility the hard way. The only way one could ever learn that to suffer bears far more character than to coast upon the shoulders of good fortune THAT for which i perhaps took for grantedz a slow crucifixion that came od certain circumstances became my fate, one I had dreamt of at 7z it was one of those nightmares you feel in your gut, the dread of something horrid, still lurking in the room upon waking. A premonition. And in it? Somehow someway

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