Help Me Understand…

Because all my computer (confiscated; or rather most recently swiped from my place by a UC named Bob who cozied up to me in the program and whom I made the mistake of allowing into my own the evening I had to go to the ER. The next day my old busted comp was gone and he was the only one who had had access to it;) history will show are rabid searches on earliest civilizations, the natural empathogens used to reach a state of enlightenment we have not BEGUN TO ACHIEVE (Until we are out there as an entire nation and unity doing the same thing for the same reason we are a nation torn while they were a civilization united; so we will NOT ASSERT PROGRESS HAD BEEN Made unless you define progress as mere interventionsMade unless you define progress as mere interventions)x.

I just don’t know if I should watermark each one! 😩! Thoughts on that?

WHAT OF THE fact we are unable with the modern tools of man and science unable to recreate the structures built by the very first civilization. Explain. You can’t. I can. I know. You don’t. The government covers up a lot. Your God? Might just happen to be somewhat in a translucent form , somewhat benign nature, neither good or bad exists here, and evil isn’t intended or done, curiosity pulls them further towards new heights we haven’t begun to reach…

And you see that is exactly what Americans lack curiosity because we think not only that we have it all figured out but that if we don’t know the answer someone else does and that is all just a bunch of bullshit. No one person or set group of them KNOW MORE THAN ANOTHER SET

more interested in probing your brain matter after you pass as opposed to pass your spirit on forward. They may grant certain ones those experiences. But not ones like you. The reverence they had to something so much higher before religion was even a concept. Explain that. You can’t. I can.

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