They asked I answered

On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 16:38 Julie Assmus <> wrote:

My guess as to what will transpire next? …the country will be reopened Slowly… only for the increase in pandemic to be readily conveyed By media , truth or not, for us to be then further sanctioned to lock downs and quarantines but with further and more Consequences for not Not obeying orders or mandates… more and more we will become like a police state as I mentioned in my blog over seven years ago along with The fact that certain analogues of natural hallucinogens held a Mets therapeutic potential … But whatever !!! And so perhaps come this is some experiment to see what it takes to get the American people to do exactly what they are told by the government despite itbbe Jog the opposition of their wishes and needs… And yet. No protests or Rallies … So long as we believe it is in our best interest in health we will obey we are a selfish people . despite it being the exact opposite of their very wishes and needs we will do what we have to to survive…perhaps this is also to assess how long the people can last under such duress, meanwhile ever widening the Wealth gap, taking out the middle class…?Fifty birdsOne stone?🤷‍♀️

Julie Assmus. P.I.

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