Ad Lib

Some thing within the shadows I cannot make out , closing in around me inferior or superior deluding me and sharing those with you only things which will persuade me. Whole world in which we are pool shortly bye I didn’t listen and delusional grandiosity cents a foot superiority is that what this life is about is that the ends to the Means. . How carelessly we throw our words about automanson pilot saying that we are supposed to instead of what we truly feel because we have forgotten how to not alone are no longer attuned with our own emotions… We are suddenly lost within buttons and screens, the complexities of technology as of that is the world when the world is around thee…overwhelmed tense brains we continue in this game. Yet we don’t really stop to ask ourselves why , we remain in the game as though to drop out would render us suddenly in a loss and without any grapple on what was happening. The truth is it is only outside these means the news the media that we discovered the truth that from the outside in we can see how people scurrying to get nowhere except further within their encircling of what in the end brings no fulfillment or happiness, not when it’s inwardly focused. They closing in on what they believe the answer to be in the answer is outside of the further further away from the many circles they have gone with them it would take them stepping outside of them to know the truth; Julie Assmus

Ad lib

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