Because God knows it’s all complicated

Short and sweet

Or sour

Years of hospital neglect due to lack of DX which is on the state given the collarbones with local authorizes to hold me in a jailcell as opposed to have me treated in the ICU. And as fact, it almost died from brain death that night and I’ve showed what happened to my back that same night. Almost broke my neck too. Jail cell. Crying out for help. Neurologist says I should have died and that just brain atrophied to that of an 85 year old and I now have severe intractable epilepsy in EFFECT OF ONGOING NEGLIGENCE. Which was in effect of the state not wanting an MRI PERMORMED WHICH WOULD PROVE, funally, exactly what it did. Seven years after the fact. Now the state knows it can all be evidenced. And they are ultimately liable having solicited the officer to plan a schedule on ke three weeks after they realized they were guilty of severe human rights violations in their unwarranted investigation. Because they found nothing and uad yeld ke withoit a warrant, evidence or judges signature. If they could get ke on a drug charge five years thereafter they could get me for Intent (I learned after the fact but had also attended the KSU peace academy after graduate school; yup its true) for what I never planned and never Did or would do. 25-life is what I would have reciebed had I not fled. Instead? I became federally disabled as they put me in jail, still intent on making this charge somehow happen. And I heard him while dying in that cell trying to convince the other officers to help transfer me to federal. So back to when OFFICER GOARD PULLED ME OVER, told me to stop the car, throw the keys out the window and put my hands on the wheel at 1130 at night when no one else was on the road and I was sure I hadn’t committed any violations. And again, this was three weeks after being torn without warrant from my apartment in compete terror and shackled, hands and feet, then hands and feet together. No shit. I had done nothing wrong. THAT IS WHY I FLED that night in 2011, 3 weeks after the initial investigation. GARY DECKER WAS TUE LEAD FEDERAL AGENT. It was considered then a form of domestic terrorism. To do what they suspected I was Not actually doing. I knew procedure and was already terrified of what they did before. My instincts were right

Choice then

Flee or

Get a schedule planted on me and get 25-life for INTENT IN LACK OF ANY EVIDENCE OF WHAT I DIDNT DO

I have learned this happens all the time. When they FUCK UP SO ROYALLY AS THEY DID, having involved the stTe and local cops? They will do ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING TO COVER THEIR ASS

their last stint trying to get me from getting needed preventative meds one so no more damage can be found that would he traced Ultimately right back to THEM

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